Shining Moments

Oct 24, 2012

As I rode through the busy streets of Moscow I tried to memorize all that I saw.

So many sights touched me deeply.

The buildings. The lights. The famous cathedrals.

Never would I ever have believed

that I would have gone to Russia in my lifetime.

But here I was

winding up the adoption of my second daughter.

Waves of gratitude flooded my soul

as I watched the people hurrying back and forth.

Many times in dark clothing

heads down


My heart beat deeply for them.

Wherever I had gone in Russia

the people had been  kind and helpful.

Facilitators. Translators. Hosts.

They fed me well and gave me a glimpse of a people

with a rich heritage and a strong spirit.

It is true that many times where I stayed

was small and simple.

But there was laughter and gracious hospitality.

Thoughts go back to the small Christmas tree that was

Brought into the orphanage where 4 couples and I gathered in 1993.

Far from home.

Away from family and sometimes other children.

On a mission to adopt.

Hearts knit together with a common purpose and desire.

And knowing it was Christmas for us

Those dear people set up a small Christmas tree.


Half way around the world I sipped some broth and watched the clock


waiting for the signal to get my little baby girl.


Kind nurses and caring doctors

Who showed again and again their deep care for these children.

Again in 2002 when I journeyed to Kostroma

I saw the display of kindness again.

Doing what they could with what they had.

Those trips stretched my heart in ways I can not explain.

I saw with my own eyes

what most folks only see on television or the internet.

I smelled the flavors

I tasted the foods

I experienced a culture that I will always value

the birthplace of my daughters.

Coming home I noticed the brightness of the colors

Frequently the largeness of our homes

and the many items in our stores.

Back in 1993 in Borovitchie, Russia

I saw the empty shelves with my own eyes.


Getting outside of the walls of America

meeting people in other countries

talking and listening to their stories

gave me a greater appreciation.

There is much to learn from each other.

Hearts touching hearts.

Working together for a common purpose.

Jesus loves the little children

   All the children of the world.

We sang it in Sunday school many years ago

and I glimpsed His Love with my own eyes

how wide it is

how deep it is

how strong that love is and continues to be.

All the children of the world


He Loves and wants them to know.



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