Shining Moments

Oct 25, 2012

I saw them when I went to adopt.

Children. So many little ones needing a family of their own.

Children who were different.

    Precious ones who needed something more.

My heart yearned to scoop up these children.

To bring them home and to do all I could for them.

I know that no matter how it might seem to us

    these little bundles of life

    are so precious in His Sight.

That differences are often abilities

   not disabilities

   that we are the ones who need to be taught by them.

In a world that oftentimes measures worth by IQ

  these children

   are oftentimes not valued as much.

But God sees it differently, doesn’t He?

He says every little child is precious in His Sight.

He calls us to reach out

   and love them with all their differences

       to watch and learn

           what love really is.

And as we do this we are changed.

Yes, we are changed!


Years and years of teaching taught me the importance

    of seeing with His Eyes.

And when I do how things look to me


No mistakes.


      only continued opportunities to glimpse His Glory.

Let’s learn to love..really love.

Let’s discover what is truly beautiful!

There are children at this moment

   that desperately need a family.

They quietly wait day after day.

According to all the paperwork

    they are ‘special’.

These are the very ones who have a right to life.

Consider again how you see these little ones.

These precious bundles of potentiality.

Reach out

    and touch a life.

       Their life is worth living!

And as you do it

    your life will be forever changed.



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