Shining Moments

Nov 1, 2012

Cut it out!

   Scoop it clean!

      Carve it just right

         so that the light can shine through.

Reminds me of life.

Cut it out

   things that needed to go

     difficult moments in which the Lord took out

         salty tear moments that I will never forget.

And the Master Designer continues to shape my life

   and yours.

While we are going through it

   the process is hard. Excruciating.

Cut it out! Carve it! Scoop it clean moments!

Ouch my spirit screams

But He continues to work

    taking out

       to make room for what He will put in.

    taking out to make room for His Love and Grace to shine through.

    taking out some more.



 Shaping to make us for His Purpose

    The purpose for which we were born in the first place.

Using those strengths

Making room for those  qualitites to have a chance.

Scoop it clean of clutter and the unnecessaries.

Cut it out!

   Scoop it clean!

     Carve it just right!

That seems to be a marvelous picture of His Transforming Grace

  in our lives.

Day by Day.

Moment by moment.

But then there comes the time

   When I sense He steps back from His creation and says,

      “Just beautiful!”

His Light begins to flicker brightly in the dark world.

Yes, just beautiful.

That’s how you look to Him today

   wherever you are.

Surrender to the process knowing that there is a reason.

His Loving Hands can be trusted.

Cut it out!

   Scoop it out!

      Carve it some more!

He’s making your life

  one that will shine like none other.


    always involves letting go

       and receiving.

Keep your eyes on the purpose

    while gazing into His Eyes of Love.



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