Shining Moments

Nov 8, 2012

How do you learn to believe again

   when your trust has been broken?

How do you learn to trust once more

  when, in the past, that trust has been shattered?

I think it’s important to walk through the experience of forgiveness

   and to be willing to every day acknowledge

   that you are letting go of the pain of the past

  and moving forward into His new day.

Forgiveness does not ever mean that it was ok.

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean trying again

   when nothing has changed. Oftentimes it is simply moving into love.

But forgiveness is letting God be God

  and allowing Him to heal all our hurts

  not holding offenses.

Along with forgiveness

   it’s important to keep moving forward.

A small risk here

  another one there.

Accepting your feelings

  but not letting them trap you in the past.

Can one ever believe again?

Is it possible for trust to be rebuilt?
Oh yes,

   it happens every day

  but only for those willing to walk with God

  open to let Him do what only He can do.

It’s a new day.

 Let it be so.

Embrace the new.

Begin to live again

   For as you do

      you will discover life as it is meant to be.



      Pulsating with life.

“I am come that you may have life and may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)



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