Shining Moments

Nov 13, 2012

Are you facing towards the sunrise or the sunset?

Are you focusing on the past or on the future?

Does it even matter?


    it matters greatly which direction you are facing.

I, for one, enjoy watching a beautiful sunset

   when the sky becomes an artist’s passion

   as the sun slowly sinks low beneath the horizon.

Sunsets also refer to endings in life.

A time that used to be.

A life that has passed on before us.

Sunrise however is a new beginning.

A time of birth

     and hope

         and new life.

With the passing of time I have gained

   A treasure store of shining moments from the past.

God uses those gifts to brighten my moments today.

It would be all too easy to keep facing the sunset.

To keep remembering as I gaze at the darkened sky.

Doing so might easily lead to sadness and depression.


   with just a simple turn

       I can face towards the sunrise.

      and watch and wait for the beautiful shining of a new day.

As I choose to face the sunrise

    my heart beats with excitement and anticipation.

A new day.

A bright beginning.

Laughter and love and hope.

Spirits uplifted.

Renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.

Sunsets or sunrises.

Both are part of life

   but what matters is the direction our life is facing.

It all begins with a decision

 to focus on the joys to come

 to look with expectancy at tomorrow

 to embrace the wonder of life in all its fullness.

Sunset or sunrise?

Your choice is more important than you might realize.