Shining Moments

Nov 15, 2012

I can still see his big, brown eyes looking up at me.

Mischief written all over them.



Full of adventure and life.

Years ago I had this young boy in my first grade class.


    many years later

    I am thinking of him.

A few days ago I was pushing my cart in the local food store

   when I noticed a woman a few feet ahead.

Her pace was slow;

   her shoulders were stooped.

As I reached for a can of corn

  She turned around and looked at me.

I glanced at her without recognition

   but she walked towards me.

“You’re Miss Brani, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said wondering who the woman was.

I noted her sad eyes and grey streaked hair.

“You remember me?”

I scanned quickly my memory disks from years back

  but nothing rang a bell.

I shook my head a little saying, “Please help me.”
“I’m Willie’s mom.”

As soon as she said it I remembered her standing by my door

   waiting to pick up her six year old son from school.

We’d exchange smiles day after day.

“Oh, how is he?”

It’s been many years since I have seen my boys and girls.

They will always be my boys and girls no matter how long.

“He’s had a hard time.

     Heart attack


     Now unable to work.”
My heart twisted as I heard of the pain that this sweet boy

   has experienced.

“But we are doing fine,” his mother went on.

“I’m so glad that you noticed me,” I told her.

“Please tell him that I asked about him.

    Tell him that I am praying for him

    He always was so special to me.”

She nodded and eventually went on down the aisle.

Since then my heart has turned to my boy so many times.

Life has been hard for him.

It’s been difficult for so many, hasn’t it?

Sometimes I wonder why many have such a difficult time

while others seem to go on in comparative  ease.

But this unexpected encounter made my day.

A shining moment. I heard about my boy.

No accident to it.

My heart longs to do something;

    to step into the need of this family

      bringing hope and encouragement.

And I will. Yes, in the days to come I know I will.

Side by side they pass us

   as we shop

      and work

        and worship.

But all too often our eyes do not see.

    Our hearts don’t know the hidden pain

       and the heavy burden.

Open my eyes, Lord.

Open them so that I can know what You already know.

Light the way for me as I wade into the pain

        and poverty.

Carrying your message of peace and hope.

“Glory to God in the highest,

      and on earth peace, good will toward men,”  Luke 2:14

Always singing His song of victory.


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