Shining Moments

Nov 16, 2012

Laundry and dishes,

work and then teaching

day after day

week after week

month after month


after year.

I hear the voices of so many.

Tired voices.

Weary just from trying to keep up.

Feeling worthless and used.

In the midst of those difficult stretches

it is all too easy to lose perspective.

But you are more than what you do.

Yes, so much more.

As the sun was created to give light

And the moon to reflect that light

You were created for His Purpose.

In the midst of the stable

Mary could have forgotten that

Her precious boy,


was the Son of God.

Weary from the travel

things so completely beyond her and Joseph’s control




But then in the middle of all of this

she heard the shepherds’ tale of angels singing

she marveled at the quiet of the stable

God’s provision

She sensed the Presence of Strength beyond her own.

God is always like that.

Yes, when it gets the hardest

He gently moves in with compassion and care.

He is faithful and true.


Feel yourself wrapped in His Arms of encouragement today.

Listen to His gentle Voice

speaking tender words of cheer.

He knows where you are.

He sees the effort.

He knows your need.

Trust in Him.

For when the days are darkest His Light shines brightest.

I find that that is always true.

Look for it.

You’ll see.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. (IICor.12:9)

His Love for you is wider than the widest ocean

deeper than the deepest sea

full and running over love

strong and steady.

Embrace it today.

It’s for you.


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