Shining Moments

Nov 22, 2012

My favorite time on Thanksgiving Day…

my absolute peak moment

is yet to come.

But I know that it will move my heart deeply again.

It always does.

Year after year.

When the time is right

and all the food is ready

everyone comes to the table.

Pull out the chairs

and reach for each others’ hands.

As we hold hands our hearts are drawn together

our heads bow

in a moment of silence.

A prayer is spoken

acknowledging our gratitude for all our many blessings

and our dependence on Him.

Holy offerings upward.

Humble acts of worship.

Holding each other close as we once more give thanks.

Yes, its’ my  favorite time on the whole day.

Little ones clasp tiny fingers together.

Wrinkled hands

weathered with age

join with younger smoothed skin ones.

Memories mingle with today

lifting us beyond ourselves

to touch the hearts of others.

May you all have

a glorious Thanksgiving Day.

and continue to remember those who struggle and hurt in so many ways.


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