Shining Moments

May 13, 2012

The joyous news caused me to leap with gladness.

My wife is going to have a baby.

God’s special timing.

Their glorious ‘and it came to pass’.

From the time I was a very young girl I longed to be a mother.

I could just imagine holding my own freshly bathed and powdered little one.

But the years passed….

   Twenties turned to thirties

         And then forties.

Goodness me. My heart ached as I waited and trusted.

God’s timing is always right. I knew that. I clung to that.

But the wait was still hard.

One Mother’s Day after another.

As others stood to receive their rightful recognition

    I sat and swallowed my tears.

Waiting is never easy and this season of my life I will never forget.

Lessons in that waiting season abounded.

Trusting without seeing. Leaning. Rejoicing with others.

     More waiting.

But that day finally came…completely surprised me how God arranged it.

Russia? Of all places.

Halfway around the world I traveled. That was nothing.

I would easily have walked on water to get to her.

Then Mother’s Day was mine to celebrate.

Celebrating not only the sweet Mother that I had

  But also the privilege of being mother.

And then again

    Another joyous bundle

        God’s Love is extravagant. Covered with His fingerprints.

So two daughters now celebrate Mother’s Day with me today.

My cup is full and running over.

But my heart still remembers the many women who also have mothered.

    Teachers, aunts, single women, grandmas, step mothers.

        Countless women who have poured their hearts into children.

        They too have earned the privilege of celebrating Mother’s Day.

A Mothers Love is deep and abiding.

 Reach out and touch the heart of a mother. Let her know you care.

Wrap your hearts round your own mother

   Her calling is high and holy

     Yes, she is by far the richest lady in the land.

              Your Mother.

  I love you, Mom.


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