Shining Moments

Dec 3, 2012

Do you ever want to run away

     to a place of quiet and  peace?

Does your heart ever long to get off the fast track

    and onto the simpler path?

Yes, today

    while the world around me is pushing and pressing

    counting down the days until Christmas

    I am looking forward to spending some time

    in quiet and rest.

I am perfectly content, she said to me

  and I nodded in agreement.

I have everything I have ever longed for.

Two healthy daughters.

A home.

Friends and family.

And most of all,

  an intimate relationship with the Lord

  Who calls me to rest in Him.

Rest while the crowds flock the stores and the internet?


Is it really possible?

Can one really pull away and discover a life of resting today?

I believe so.

No matter can one do it

    in order to maintain health and vibrancy

    we must.

Deep within our souls hunger for meaning and significance.

That is only found in relationship

   with the One Who loves us

   and also with others.

But discovering a life of rest begins with taking a step towards peace.

Take time to spend out in nature.

Look up into the stars and breathe deeply.

Walk outside clearing your mind for a few minutes of the things that press and clamor for attention.

Listen to some music playing.

Have another cup of tea

    just because.

Soak in the Word letting the Truths feed your soul

   and revive your spirits.

Christmas is about preparation

  so let’s take steps to do that today.

“And it came to pass…”

May your spirit become quiet as you move into His Steps today.



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