Shining Moments

Dec 4, 2012

Are you aware of the tension in life?

The pull to do and go and acquire more

and then

the pull to slow down and grow in peace.

It’s a tension that maybe we will always have.


during these special days of preparation before Christmas

I find myself even more aware of it.

From the moment I awaken

and wiggle my toes

I am conscious of the things I need to do in the day.

The list I made the night before rests on my desk

waiting for me to pick it up and begin.

The list keeps me straight

and helps me not to forget.

This morning I glanced at my list and walked on by.


it could wait.

I grabbed my cup of coffee,

turned on the Christmas tree lights

and settled in my favorite comfy chair.

There for a few minutes I sat quietly in the stillness

relishing the experience.

My eyes drifted to the manager set on the Yamaha piano.

Away in the manger

    No crib for a bed

My heart wandered back a few years ago

when I was preparing to travel toRussiato adopt my daughter.

Christmas time.

While all around me was hustle and bustle

but nestled in my heart was a prayer

a longing that was deeper than words

a song that was yet to be sung.

Today that baby is a beautiful young woman

a song that continues to sing

The gift has come.

But then was a time for waiting and praying.

Long before Jesus came there were preparations.

All needed to be just right for the newborn King.

Silent Night

   Holy Night

I sipped my coffee pondering the past

musing about God’s intricate care

and then turned my thoughts to this day.

Sure, the things on that list needed my attention.

There would be plenty of time for that


these moments sitting in the quiet were what I needed




listening to His Voice in today.

Wherever you are

take the time

make the time

to be still for a few minutes today.

It will brighten your moments throughout the day

with the glory of His Presence.



  1. Bonnie

    I love to wake up early. It’s my time for coffee and quiet.
    I sit in my comfy chair, too, and think. Read my Bible and talk with God.
    Sometimes I jot down thoughts or verses that jump out at me.
    We’re intentionally keeping Christmas low-key. For us, that means gifts for grandkids and visits to shut-ins, or working with our church family on an annual community outreach to needy families.
    But you’re right – sitting and doing nothing, starting a day with peace and quiet is priceless!

    • SharonBrani

      Yes, priceless. Thanks, Bonnie!


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