Shining Moments

Dec 5, 2012

Early in the morning

    when everyone else sleeping

     I tiptoed downstairs.

The day had gone by too fast it seemed.

All this racing back and forth.

My soul longed for that holy quiet.

I plugged in the Christmas tree lights.

What joy

     to see them filling the room with light;

     filling my heart with cheer.

I knew that it was late but somehow this was what I needed most.

Like a bird yearning for the skies

    my soul longs for peace.

The clock ticked in the background as I sipped a warm cup of tea

   and enjoyed the moments.

Christmas light

   brightening the darkest hours

   and reminding us of the One Who said

   “I am the Light of the world.”

Time seemed to stand still for me as I stepped into the beauty  of the moment.

Sleep could wait.

This was too special to miss.

Once more

    I sensed in the holy quiet

     the wonder

         and peace

           and joy of Christmas.

It’s there for all

   but somehow too many miss it.

I almost did.

As I sat in the darkened room

   with only the Christmas tree lights on

    my mind wandered back to Christmases of old.

Tomorrow blended with today

   as I heard those beloved voices from the past.

Sounds that I will always treasure for as long as I live.

In the stillness of the evening

   I waited

   and there I received some special gifts.

The warmth of His Presence.

The song in the air.

The peace the beckons all of us to step forward towards it.

Take time to be this Christmas.

Yes, to be all there

     letting your heart receive the gifts of each day

      thousands upon thousands of gifts

   of His Love and Grace.

With open hands and open hearts

    join me in receiving the gifts

    and with thankful heart your life will be filled with light too.

Light that shines with an inner glow

    no matter how dark the circumstances.




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