Shining Moments

Dec 6, 2012

Life can change in a moment.

Yes, one minute things are moving along smoothly

    and then all of a sudden

    it all changes.

Many years ago that happened to me.

My youngest and I were just talking about it this morning.

It was only a day before Christmas.

Our home was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Family was coming to spend some time together

   on Christmas Eve so we were preparing food for the occasion.

As we fixed the lasagna

we talked about the next step in adopting my second daughter


Suddenly I noticed that I needed ricotta cheese.

I grabbed my heavy coat and raced out to the car.

As I glanced at my watch I realized that

  even with the  unexpected trip

  there would be enough time.

I drove to the nearby market.

As I walked out of the store I mentally crossed one more thing off my list.

But I had no idea what was going to happen.

I opened my car door and got in

   placing the bag along with my purse in the backseat.

Music played on the radio as I slowly moved my car out onto the lane of traffic

  leaving the shopping center.

So many cars.

I stopped at the stop sign waiting my turn to pull out onto the main road.

Sounds of Christmas filled my car

   and I hummed along.

Joy to the world the Lord is come.

But all of a sudden everything changed.

Before my eyes I saw two cars collide

   and one of those cars was spinning right at me.


Like living through a bad dream I heard the splintering glass

   and felt the impact.

And then all was silent.

Slowly I opened my eyes taking in the damage

    feeling my arms and legs.

Grateful to be alive.

Sirens blared in the distance

   waking me to reality.

Yes, it was the Christmas Eve that our car was totalled

     but my life was spared.

Our plans were changed but His Presence was strong.

And except for facial burns I walked away

    unhurt and whole.

Thinking back to that night so long ago

my heart rejoices

in His keeping Power.

What might have been a disaster is only a bad memory;

   a reminder of His Care and Compassion.

Life can change on a dime.

So as we make our plans this holiday season

   let’s commit them all to Him

   and rest in His Care.

That’s where the Peace is.

In Him.

Let every heart

    prepare Him room

Peace is ours as we live moment to moment in His Love.


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