Shining Moments

Dec 8, 2012

Do you hear what I hear?

Strains of Christmas carols.

The ringing of the Salvation Army bell.

And then

over there

on the side

the sobs of the weeping widow.

My heart is deeply moved.

What do you hear?

The sounds of  wiggly children practicing for their Christmas play.

The giggles and groans

worries and moans

But then

over there

on the side where few even notice

the cries of the husband who just lost his dear wife.

My heart overflows with pain.

Do you hear?

Then again this morning I play a video

telling of relief being sent to typhoon hitPhilippines

Yes, I read of a young boy climbing a coconut tree to survive.

“God gave that tree for me to be spared” he boldly shares

and my heart leaps with joy and thanksgiving.

But then I read of the thousands left without homes. Mass devastation.

And it’s Christmas.

Oh, so many needs.

Do you hear what I hear?

Above it all

I hear the sound of angels singing.

Calling us to lift our hearts to Him.

Proclaiming Glory to God in the Highest

and on earth peace.

Yes, peace.

He knows our deepest needs.

He knows and cares.

No one is forgotten.

No one hidden from His Tender eyes.

Let’s be willing to hear all the sounds that come our way

and lift them to the Throne of Grace.

He became poor

So we could become rich.

He let’s us hear just a fraction of all that He hears

And He calls us to give.

To give what we can.

An outreached hand here.

A call there.

A gift of money here.

A cup of hot soup there.

Whatever we can do

Let’s do it.

And above all, let’s keep hearing.

And may the Christmas bells keep chiming the good news.



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