Shining Moments

Dec 10, 2012

Have you experienced some of the joys of this season yet?

I did this morning.

Early this morning I drove to our local Walmart with my two daughters.

My list was short but I needed to have time alone

so we split.

I went one way – cell phone in hand

and they went another.

Well, I can’t reveal what department I went to

or the secret would be out

and that would spoil all the fun.

But I found what I was looking for

picked up some accessories and headed to the checkout.

On my way

I wrote a text

but just as I was sending it I hear

the  most beautiful giggles.

A mother always knows the sound of her own.

My eyes looked up

immediately resting upon my daughters.

The ones who give my life so much meaning and joy.

God’s special gifts

to love for Him.

A second of recognition and they quickly turned

down  another aisle.

That was the deal.

I was not to see them

and they were not to see me.

Christmas secrets fill the air.

Joyful surprises

hushed voices.

Closets marked ‘do not enter’.

Love enjoys surprises.

My heart wanders back to that time nineteen years ago

when God was planning the best surprise for me.

A precious baby girl.

But more than that

I think about the wonderful gift of His Son, Jesus.

How the heavenly hosts must have rejoiced knowing what was about to happen.



down at Christmas

giving  us a glimpse of the heart of God.

And He keeps doing it again and again

in so many ways.

Love moves in when people often step away.

Love embraces loneliness

and poverty

and sickness and pain and suffering.

Love whispers your name again and again.

Do you hear Him calling to you?

No matter how great the burden you bear

His Strength is greater and He cares.

The Great Shepherd still speaks today

Calling to one and all,

“Turn to Me and find in Me all you’ve ever longed for.”

Shining moments that brighten the darkest days.



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