Shining Moments

Dec 12, 2012

Be it unto me according to Thy Word. Luke 1:38

Each year I read again the Christmas story

and am gripped by these words.

Simple words.

Strong words.

Words of a trusting heart.

Where did Mary learn to trust her God

so completely?

How did these words flow immediately

from her mouth

upon hearing the amazing news

that she would become the mother of Jesus?

When did this heart of surrender become birthed within her?

I will never know

but this I do know.

Her example of a life surrendered to the will of the Father

is what I long to have.

Moment by moment

step by step

seeking to follow His Him in everything.

Today it is all too common

to question

to debate the pros and cons

to text a friend first

or even take a poll.

Where is the life of quiet trust in Him?

Trusting that when He calls us

He will supply our every need.

Awesome  to think about

Walking on Holy ground as we reflect.

Our human reaction is more often than not fear

and doubt and a desire to protect ourselves from harm.

But Mary’s heart received the news with humility and faith.

And with it

she received His Strength and Grace and Peace overflowing.

Did you ever sense a call to do something

but at the time

you were afraid so you never did it?

Maybe it’s time to go back to that place

to confess your disobedience and then to do what He called you to do.

His callings are always His enablings.

Mary found the Lord to be faithful in even the smallest details.

You will find Him to be faithful too.

Have no fear.

His Word declares that He is your great I Am.

You have not even begun to see all that the Lord longs to do in and through you.






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