Shining Moments

Dec 17, 2012

When faced with shattering news

Where do you turn for strength?

Reeling with painful news-

precious lives lost

homes forever shaken

a school that will never be the same-

what do we do?

Where do we look?

My mind wanders back to the sound of the ocean waves and

the familiar cry of the gull.

Give me, Lord, the familiar.

Wash over my soul today with your healing grace.

My heart weeps knowing the pain that others are dealing with.

It’s difficult to focus;

to go on with my Christmas preparations.

Give me, Lord, your sun to shine upon my face today

and to brighten the way before me.

I look at my daughters as they go about their day

and deep within I whisper a prayer for protection and safety

Then as I ponder and pray

these words began to whisper so faintly in my mind.

“Fear not, for I am with you.”

“Fear not.”

Tensions relax.

Heart beat slows.

Thoughts lift.

We are created to walk by faith

not fear.

Fear becomes a toxin causing multiple problems

but faith strengthens and renews.

Fear looks a circumstances and mocks.

Faith looks to God and sings.

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation,

   Of whom shall I be afraid?

The Lord is my strength,

   The Lord is my life

    Of whom shall I be afraid?

Yes, yes, yes, Lord,

give me a faith that sings in the midst of the storm

continuing to follow the Star.

Mary heard those words

and Joseph

The shepherds heard them

and so do we.

They are meant for us,



Let them lift your hearts and minds to the One Who continues

to bring peace to all those who look to Him.




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