Shining Moments

Dec 22, 2012

As I pulled out the old recipe card

to make cheesy potatoes

my thoughts wandered back to her.

Although we had only lived close by for a short time

I will never forget

her sweetness.

Yes, so much love and energy packed into this dear woman.

She gave me the card before I left

And from then on I have made that recipe

maybe hundreds of times.

How I missed her.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear her voice again, I thought.

So today,

I reached for the phone and called her.

“Hello,” I heard. Music to my ears.

“This isSharon. FromVirginia.”

“Oh my,” she answered. “How wonderful.”

For the next few minutes we were lost in time.

Catching up.

She is now going slower but still getting out.

How I’d love to just come in your door

and share a nice cup of tea with you, I shared.


You have no idea, she said.

This is the best Christmas gift ..

just to hear your voice.


A lump filled my throat.

Why I’d give her the moon if I could.

So precious to me.


I love you, she said.

Oh I love you too, I responded.

So true. Though the years have come and gone

our love for each other stays strong.

By the time I placed the phone down

my heart was overflowing with joy.

A shining moment.

Two hearts touching

and warmed by the other.


Christmas is love.

God reaching down to man in love.

Angels proclaiming Glory to God in the Highest

and on earth peace, good will to men. Luke 2:14

Yes, angels sang it.

Shepherds heard it. Do you?

Many, many people are alone these days.

Some of them elderly

Some of them not. They hunger for a call, a visit.

Maybe there is someone that you need to call.

Make this Christmas the best Christmas ever.

Reach out

and touch your world with love.

Yes, just do it.

“It’s the best Christmas gift ever,” I heard her say.

So sweet. I treasure those moments.

That special time with her today.


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