Shining Moments

May 15, 2012

Music springs from the soul. Although we might spend thousands and thousands on lessons to learn to play the correct notes and have flawless techniques, the music still dwells within the soul of the artist.

I always longed to learn to play the piano.

I’ll never forget that day when we got an old upright piano. It was made of a lovely oak wood that glowed when you polished it. The old upright was placed in our dining room.

I sat on one of those swivel stools and you could raise or lower by turning it round and round.

I slowly began to touch the slightly yellowed ivory keys and make sounds.

But some notes stuck.

And others just simply were out of tune.

I found an old blue book that my mother used to use to learn to play the piano when she was a girl and I studied it carefully.

Note by note I began to pluck out little tunes. I’ll never forget my joy at playing two notes at a time. And then gradually I figured out how to put in the bass notes.

Hour after hour I spent at that old upright playing old hymns.

“I Gave My Life For Thee” by Frances Havergal was the first hymn that I taught myself.

Over and over I play it carefully leaving out the notes that were out of tune or didn’t play.

Yes, I played the piano like a trapeze artist shifting from one key to another so as to leave out the faulty notes. Instead of playing the notes that stuck I’d play an octave higher or lower.

From age 9 until today I have had endless hours of enjoyment playing the piano.

Sometimes I remember back to those early years of learning.

The key was always wanting to create a beautiful sound, a lovely tune to cheer the hearts of those that listened.

Life is a lot like playing that old piano, I think.

There are discordant notes, difficult moments for all of us.

But the music of life is still in your soul.

Keep playing.

Learn to focus on the good, the lovely, the true (Phil 4:8)

Develop the mental skill of focusing on the positive

     and accepting what you can’t change.

Like playing that old piano, life is an art.

Never easy

   But if you are longing to make music you will get better with practice.

I’ve never met a person whose life did not fascinate me with its own unique song.

Play yours well.

Skip keys if you must.

Play higher…or lower

  But, above all, keep making music.


  1. bbrunophotography

    “Develop the mental skill of focusing on the positive and accepting what you can’t change.” AMEN, Sharon!

    • heartprintscoaching

      Yes, Bonnie. It is a skill to be developed and an attitude to receive. One moment at a time. Thanks for sharing!


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