Shining Moments

Feb 4, 2013

Super Bowl 2013 certainly did not disappoint us.



and moments that touched the heart.

I found myself wondering through the game

how I would have felt if my brother would have been coaching the other team.

For one, I never would have wanted to be in that position

but if it happened

I would have been so concerned about my brother’s feelings.

Being my brother trumped everything.

Then, after the game, I watched with so many others

as they shook hands

and John said “I love you” to Jim.

Shining moments all over.

That was the real victory!

To play your very best,

to compete,

and when all is said and done

to still love and affirm your relationship.

Brief moments that touched my heart

reminding us that it was more than just a game.

John went on to comment that winning was a great joy

but that in a way that many of us can understand

he hurts for his brother.

Yes, I hear those well known words again

“Let my heart be broken for the things that break the heart of God.”

by Bob Pierce.

Yes, in a world that quickly numbs its feelings

I am grateful to see the heart those two expressed.

Small glimpses…


Super Bowls will come and go

but our brothers and sisters are part of our lives forever.

Yes, there are always the stories within the story

and they are there to teach,

to speak

to encourage.

Let’s focus our lives on what is most important in life

refusing to let any thing or anyone

keep us from a life of love and peace.

Is there someone to whom you need to say ‘I love you’ today?

That is the real victory!




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