Shining Moments

Jan 8, 2013

Christopher Columbus had it right

when he said that we can only cross the ocean

when we have the courage

to lose sight of the shore.


That’s it.

That’s the place where the battle is often lost before its begun.

Fears creep in.

Doubts mount.




I’m not by nature a courageous woman.

But again and again

the Lord has shown me His ability to provide everything I need

for safety and security.

Memories flood my mind.

Riding a small noisy plane inUkraineyears ago

that sounded like it would never reach its destination with me in it.

But it did.

Memories of a long night ride in a Russian train.


but on a mission to adopt a little six month old baby girl.

Surrounded by strangers but held by the Lord.

Deciding to go back to school to complete my degree

but not knowing how it would all work out.

Walking the beach in a late October

needing to be sure that it was His Will for me

to adopt a second child.

Fears looming but

faith crying “believe.”

It’s back to that choice.

Courage is an action that more often than not

goes before feelings.

Placing our hand in His Big One

and saying if I fail, I fail

but I’m choosing to trust you.

It’s during those times when I’ve crossed the mighty ocean

that I’ve discovered again and again

that He is Able.

The One Who calls always goes before.

So let’s take a step forward this year

push off from the comfortable shore

and begin to cross that ocean.

Take one step forward.

Call that person.

Explore the next step.

Get out your writing materials.

Sign up for that conference.

Yes, do the next thing.

As you do it you will be given courage for the next step.

Thank you, Christopher Columbus, for reminding me again

not to fear leaving the safe, comfortable shore.

Maybe our greatest fear needs to be

continuing to cling to it.

What do you think?


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