Shining Moments

Jan 9, 2013

Exercising early this morning

listening to the song “Follow Me” by Leeland.

Run, run, run

    And I’ll, I’ll follow You into the homes of the broken

My spirit lifted and I picked up the pace.

Follow you into the world.

Minutes flew by while  my spirit sang along


then I looked up.

There on one of those big screen TVs was an advertisement

for fast food.

I turned my eyes away.

Glance at the world but gaze at our Savior.

Follow His Call into a world that is hungry for more.

We will never discover the purpose for which He has called us

as long as we are feeding on this world’s delights.

Temporary fixes as best.

“My food” said Jesus “is to do the will of the One Who has sent me

and to finish his work. (Luke 4:34)

Run, run, run

Keep your eyes on Him

Run the race set before you.

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

The world will distract

but His Call remains.

One step at a time.

Run, run, run.

As I write this blog my heart breaks for a family

whose dad and father was tragically killed in a car accident this morning.

Sunday I sat behind him in church.

Sunday all was well

but today he is gone.

Life happens so unexpectedly

reminding us again that our time here on earth is limited.

Let’s seize every chance we get to shine His Light,

sing His song

and follow Him wherever He leads.

What will you do?



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