Shining Moments

Jan 10, 2013

As we drove through the night I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Here I was, halfway around the world,


with a Russian driver

on my way fromMoscowtoKostroma

to meet little Jenny for the first time.

Blinding snow continued to mount

but our car

under the expertise of Yuri

plowed through it.

Like remembering a dream

I can still see the rustic restaurant we stopped at

to grab a bite to eat.

The wind blew furiously as we walked form the car to the restaurant

But once inside

it was cozy and warm.

I glanced around the room trying to memorize it.

The fire blazing in the fireplace. The friendly waitress.

It was all so charming

a contrast to the weather outside.

“Will we be able to make it?” I remember asking Yuri.

He smiled back at me looking almost amused by my question.

With a nod,

A simple nod,

he reassured me that the weather would not detain us.

I didn’t eat much as I recall.

My thoughts were solely focused on my destination.

To see a precious little two year old

who had already spent too much time

in an orphanage.

My driver and adoption facilitator was ever calm.

Experienced and completely reliable

he took to the wheel again that night

driving through the blackness.


we were stopped by t he police.

Fear again clutched my heart not knowing what the problem was.

Yuri got out of the car

and walked on ahead.

I could hear them talking back and forth.

I waited in the car watching the snow continue to mount.

Finally I saw him walking back towards our car.

In typical fashion, he didn’t talk much.

“No problem,” he started the car again.

Steady. Calm. Focused.

I remember asking what that had been about

but never really understanding.

It clearly was not to be my concern.

No, my place was to ride along


that we would get toKostroma

and I would eventually meet my little girl.

Today as I gaze at my growing 12 year old

I smile at the memories.

My fears were real

the storm was bad that night

but my leader and guide got me there and back.

Life all too often has some very difficult stretches.

Sudden losses


financial pressures

to just name a few.

Many times things we have no control over.

They happen

but our Guide is there.

Shining moments all over.

Our Guide is in front knowing exactly what we will face before it happens.

Our Guide knows how to carry us through.

Our Guide provides for us and protects us in the midst of the storm.

Yes, the Lord always takes care of His child.

Let’s focus on our trustworthy Guide

and our fears will decrease.

As we keep our eyes on Him

we will experience the incredible wonder of living this life of faith.

and seeing for ourselves

that He is Who He says He is

and that He does what He says He will do.

All the time!


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