Shining Moments

May 16, 2012

Wonderful happenings that occur when we least expect them.

My heart danced for joy as I read on Facebook about my friend Alyssa Riedl’s experience

at Walmart.

Alyssa touched my heart months ago when I heard of her and her husband’s adoption of some precious children. I gazed at the pictures. Adorable children.

And I read her sweet comments from time to time.

Lately she took it upon herself to start a Special Needs Group for Parents in our area.

Filled with excitement this gal who has less time than most, stepped forward and began this group which drew so many parents and aroused interest and awareness.

Well last night as she was running around Walmart and loading her cart with snacks for the next event a woman suddenly stopped her.

And asked “Aren’t you the woman who started that group for parents that my daughter attends?”

      “Please take this and use it for the snacks.”

 She handed her $25 and left before even giving her name.

Joy. Surprise.

Unexpected gifts from God.

Totally random. Doesn’t even know her name.

But God does.

Yes, He sees and knows what you are doing today.

He knows your need.

He knows your heart. That place deep down where others can’t see,

And He loves you with an everlasting love.

He watches over our precious children and smiles when we step forward

    to be love these precious bundles of potentiality.

Her life was intersected by a wonderful woman in Walmart.

You too may experience and encounter today.

Or even better, you maybe that next wonderful person who sees a need

    And steps forward to do something.

Shining moments everywhere.

Grace your world with His Light today, my friends.


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