Shining Moments

Jan 24, 2013

Unexpected surprises. Do you like them?

Early this morning I opened my eyes, looked out the window

and saw snow.

A thin blanket of snow covering everything.

Love it.

Not predicted

just suddenly here. Another gift from the Father’s Hand.

Changed my day somewhat.

More time to finish that first cup of coffee.

Laughing as we brushed the light fluffiness off the car.

all the while reflecting on His washing away all of our sins

Hearing that small congregation from years ago

singing “whiter than snow. Yes, whiter than snow.

    Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”

Older voices blending with younger ones

uniting in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Would you like to be more for Jesus?

Do you hunger to be all that He created you to be?

Moving deeper into His fullness and grace.

As a young girl I discovered the books of F.B.Meyer

his descriptive passages made the lives of Peter, Paul and Abraham

shine with new light for me.

A few days ago I began reading the biography of Meyer’s life

and I am moved again with God’s Surprises.

How He took hold of this humble man’s life

and grew him into His Purposes

using the Light within others

to set him afire.

“If I had a hundred lives,

they should be at Christ’s disposal.”

Meyer kept climbing those mountains,

continued to reach for more

with a keen eye on those who needed

to have a personal relationship with the Lord.

What more could any of us long for that would be better than this?

So ask yourself

‘If I had a hundred lives

what would I live for?

Don’t settle for less than you were meant to be.


there’s more potential within you than you realize.

Stretch out…

say yes to God

embrace His gifts

and Live.

Then your life will become a continuing

growing surprise

to even you.

Are you ready?

You”ll only wish you had done it sooner.


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