Shining Moments

May 17, 2012

It just wasn’t like her to lose something.

No, she is so responsible. That’s what made it so strange.

“I can’t find my cell phone,” her cry came on Saturday night.

We all looked and looked. Threw back the covers. Peered under the couch.

But no cell phone.


We walked the lawn outside our home. Back and forth.

Back and forth again.

Praying “Lord please help her find it.”

It’s different that it used to be. Today the cell phone keeps us connected.

A mother’s heart is at peace. A daughter’s heart secure.

Saturday led to Sunday.

More praying. More searching.

Sunday turned to Monday.

Unbelievable, still no cell phone.

She felt like a hand was missing. It was hard to concentrate on other things.

Let’s keep praying, I said.
He is always Faithful. Always and always. He sees where it is. He knows.

But Monday turned to Tuesday.

And I began to wonder. Maybe it really was gone. Maybe this time it was lost for good.

But in spite of her feelings, she kept looking.

But all to no avail.

Tuesday turned to Wednesday.

Knowing that events were coming this weekend requiring that she be able to contact me,

I said,

    “Call AT&T. At least disable the phone.”
In this day you never know what might happen. No need to find out.

Hours spent on the chat with AT&T.

     But finally, is was done.

It’s off.

Great. Good job. But still it bothered me. What could have happened to it?


   An idea.

     “Honey, why don’t you totally unload your purse and shake it.”

Innocent suggestion. Not that she hadn’t searched the purse before.

I watched as Noelle took everything out of her large brown purse. Everything that is vital to an almost nineteen year old.

“Shake it”, I said while doing something else.

“Shake it hard”.

“I feel something”, her voice rang out.

I turned and watched her reach deep inside. Feeling. Groping in the dark.

“YES,” she squealed with joy.

“I feel it down under the fabric. Wait a minute.”

And in seconds she had the missing cell phone in her hand. It had somehow slipped through a hole in the fabric of the purse.

Thank you, Jesus.

A shining moment of finding what was lost.

   Of seeing Him work in His Way and in His time.

Are you looking for something or someone who is lost today?

Keep praying. Keep searching. Keep at it shaking the heavens with your request.

And never, never give up.


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