Shining Moments

Jan 26, 2013

Amidst all that glitters and sparkles in life

are woven golden threads.

Precious people

dear friends of my heart.

Many, many years ago when I was a first grade teacher

I was blessed to come to know a very special woman.

I admired her in many ways but most of all for her ability

to sweetly mother 5 growing boys.

I was privileged to teach one who just melted my heart.

Thank you, Mike!

He still has that special place in his first grade teacher’s heart.

Long after the school year ended

I kept in touch with this precious family.

They stepped into my life at key moments

in ways that I will never forget.

Always there to help and encourage

and to lend a hand of support and care.

Always with a kind word and praise to the Lord.

As a single mom they were still there

to love and care for our family of two.

Miss Amy became Noelle’s very special second Mommy

when I took evening college courses.

Bubbles and laughter. Cheese balls and Psalty.

I always knew that Noelle was well cared for in my absence.

Time kept marching along

and those 5 special boys grew into men with wives

and children of their own.

Today as I visited and looked at those dear faces

many of whom go way back in my life

I sensed again the greatness of God’s tender care through the years.

Golden threads

that shine with His Presence and Love.

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.” Psalms 23:1

In a world that oftentimes leaves you hungry and longing for more

He places special people.

Faces that shine with the Light of His Presence.

Lives that continue to reflect His Purpose and Peace.

Yes, I’ll be thinking about our time together

for a long time. Hearing the laughter and the sounds of those voices.

Take time to be with those whose lives have touched yours, my friends.

Golden threads…

Sacred moments along the journey.

Thank you, Jesus!


  1. Amy

    Thank you so much for today, Sharon! I was and am blessed by you three!

    • SharonBrani

      How kind of you to leave a comment here, Amy! Summer’s not too long away, is it?

  2. Darlene Temple

    Will always love you dearly…from 1st grade until now. Isn’t it amazing how our God knits hearts.


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