Shining Moments

Jan 28, 2013

“I’m done,” I said years ago.

No more children. One was enough.

My heart was full and running over

so I gave away all the baby things

all those cute little outfits and my roller baby

but God had a different plan.

Yes, a few years later I traveled toRussia

sweet, little Jenny who was two at the time.

His Plan; not mine.

And with the call

God gave me the strength,

the wisdom and even more little girl things

and a new roller baby.


Our God Who loves the word impossible

delights in leading us to do things that we can only do

as we depend on Him.

As I got on the plane ten years ago to fly to Russia

I said

“This is my last trip.”

Yes, I had no more plans to adopt.

Just like I had claimed a few years earlier

that I was done

I announced that it was my last trip.

Would I ever learn?

God is the One Who says when we are to go and to stop.

He is the One Who calls us.

Deep in my heart is a longing to follow His Call

wherever and whenever He leads.

For with the Call comes all the resources to do it.

So am I done?

No, I’ve only just begun.

How about you?

Is there anything that you’ve ever said no to?

Have those words ‘never’, ‘last’ or ‘done’ slipped out of your mouth?

His Ways are far higher and deeper and greater than ours.

His Love continues to grow within us a sense of ‘more’.

Let Him challenge your words as He sometimes challenges mine.

“Is anything too hard for God?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

When we let Him lead us

He takes us higher than we ever thought possible

and we do more, much more

than we ever dreamed that we could do.

Yes, that’s our Glorious God.

Maybe God has a different Plan for you too.

Listen with me, won’t you?




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