Shining Moments

Jan 29, 2013

The moment I laid eyes upon it

I knew that it was special.

An extra soft, pink baby blanket.

Even as I bought it that Saturday so many years ago

I pictured myself covering my little baby girl with it.

Little did I realize how special that blanket was to become.

I packed it carefully in my luggage

when I traveled to Russiain 1993.

Then I took it with me to the orphanage on the night

that extraordinary night, December 24,

when I dressed my baby girl

in her very own—just for her clothing

and walked out of the orphanage under the stars

holding my baby in my arms.

Wrapped in that super soft, pink blanket.

Sweet memories.

Through a move

and many life changes

she has held onto that blanket.

Yes, it became somewhat frayed around the edges

so we snipped a little here and a little there

but it’s still soft and beautiful

to us.

My heart reflects on the wondrous way our Lord

also wraps us in His Love and Grace

tenderly carrying us through life.

Shielding us from the jars and sharp jabs of life

here on earth.

Breathing over you and I with whispers of love and

words of peace.

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Let’s never forget that.

No matter what the circumstance

remind yourself of His covering you

and holding you close.

See His shield of protection surrounding you.

Rest in His Love even though all around you are difficulties.

Holding that little one as we rode the night train

to Moscow.

Holding her still as we flew through the air from Russia to the U.S.

When I look at that faded pink blanket

I remember how far we have come

and my heart rejoices in Him.

Wonderful care

giving us a marvelous picture of His Forever Love.

May I never forget!


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