Shining Moments

Jan 30, 2013

Just suppose our world was filled with talking animals and burning bushes.

Rainbows and angels

and things we could not see

but still were there.

I was reading this morning the story of Balaam (Numbers 22)

and wondered about this donkey who suddenly spoke.

Was it really the donkey or was it God speaking through him?

The Presence of God broke forth into his situation.

and Balaam knew it.

It was a moment that he never forgot.

The One Who was still surrounds us with His Presence.

Wherever we are

Whatever we are facing.

He knows

He sees

He cares.

Day after day He surrounds us.

We may try to ignore Him

but He is ever with us.

We may try to hide

but His Love is relentless.

No, I’ve never seen a burning bush

or heard a talking animal

but I’ve experienced a touch of His Glory and Goodness and Grace.

Have you?

We live surrounded by His Glory.

The more we gaze upon Him

our daily struggles look different.

Seen in the light of His Ability

our choices are different.

Our thoughts uplifted.

Yes, C.S. Lewis said it well in these words,

“The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.”

Let that truth encourage your heart and warm your spirit

wherever you are today

filling your day with shining moments all over.



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