Shining Moments

Jan 31, 2013

Last night we gathered around the piano

singing and playing those old, familiar songs

voices blending together.

One after another.

from Amazing Grace to Great is Thy Faithfulness


outside the strong winds blew

and the rains poured.

Life is a lot like that, isn’t it?

Singing and hearts uplifted inside

all the while

the storm raged outside us.

The music seemed to diminish the harsh sounds of the storm,

at least it changed our focus,

passing the time until the storm passed.


How do I have peace in a world that is raging with problems

and heartbreaks?

Come to Me in your singing, He whispers again.

Sing with all your heart

one song after another

clap to the music, stamp your feet if you wish

but sing with all your heart to Me.

Safely sheltered inside

nestled under His Wings

we are strengthened and quieted by the music.

At midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners

   heard them. (Acts. 16:25)

Are you facing a midnight?

Does it seem dark and scary?


yes, sing praises to the One and Only One.

Lord, lift our hearts out of our circumstances and into Your Grace.

Out of the midnight and into Your Light.

Just begin

with a little phrase or two

and the song will begin to sing itself

pushing the darkness away

drowning out the sound of thunder and winds.

Sing with all your heart, my friends.

Sing and just keep singing.


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