Shining Moments

Feb 12, 2013

Valentines Day sparkles with shining moments –

times when I moved into His Steps

days when I’ve done the unusual, the unexpected

moments when my heart has practically burst with joy

when I’ve seen that special light in another eyes.

Valentines Day can be a difficult day

for those who have recently lost a loved one

or for those who do not know that they are deeply loved by the King.

On many a Valentines Day I’d stand for what seemed like hours

at the card counter

looking for just the right cards

for some very special women.

I’d write a short note,

and place it in the mail with a prayer that God would use it to bless another.

Valentines Day would come

and I’d be so happy knowing that I had done what I could.

My heart would want to write it in the sky

that God Loves YOU.

That He’s the One Who not only created you but also knows everything about you

and loves you still.

Oh, the wonder of it all!

His Love sent Jesus to pay the debt of our sin

amazing grace

and He lives today.

In a world that celebrates love

passing on His Love to another is greater still.

So many today hunger for significance.

In a busy, complex world that races from activity to activity

they feel lost


and forgotten.

What better way to celebrate the day

than to let another know

that they are loved


and very important.

It takes so little

to make a big difference.

Dare to do something different this year.

Let this Valentines Day sparkle with brightness

that reaches out

with love.

Reach into the highways and byways.

Step into those places that few dare to go

with that glorious

and ever fresh truth.

You are loved!






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