Shining Moments

Feb 14, 2013

Valentines Day winds a golden thread of memories

going all the way back to third grade.

and on up to the present.

Remembering that one special Valentine

that I treasured for years

from that nice boy who sat in front of me.

Years going by and collecting many more.

Sweet expressions of friendship.

Handmade ones from my first graders that I’ve kept through the years.

And then carefully cut and pasted Valentines from my daughters

All of them beautiful

and oh so sweet.

It’s the expressions of love that took the most effort

that shine ever so brightly in my heart.

We spoke about it today.

When have you seen love?

The elderly husband that visits his wife day after day in the nursing home

but she hasn’t recognized him for years.

The husband who always gave a dozen red roses

and made arrangements for the local florist for after his death

to continue to send his wife

one dozen red roses

for the rest of her life.

Beautiful touches of love the go deep.

The daughter that gave up her part time job

in order to be there for her parents when her Dad died.

That brother that stepped in to help carry the burden for his brother.

And on and on…..

Those parents who give and give

day in and day out

for their special needs child.

The doctor that drove hours just to be there..

Although our world continues to grow more impersonal and disconnected

it continues to  shine with very personal touches of genuine love.

All gifts from the Father’s Hands.

My cup overflowed with joy

when I came home after work only to discover a very special

breakfast that my girls had made.

Blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs and bacon, and orange juice

all arranged on a lovely table.


showing itself in action.

Love is more than a feeling.

It’s more than words.

Love is something we do.

An unexpected call here

a simple email there

all of it laced with love and care.

Let’s never grow weary from showing our love.

Oh, let’s fill every moment with actions of love

poured out on a thirsty world

always pointing the way to the Author of Love.


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