Shining Moments

Feb 15, 2013

A coaching event! Now what in the world is that I am asked.

It’s all about growth

moving forward in life

learning with others

gaining some new ideas

finding a safe place.

Sound good?

We are all on a journey

whether we think about it or not.

From the moment we take that very first breath

until we draw the last one

we are journeying.

Through the ups and downs of life

the high points

and yes, the low

it’s all journey.

But no one gives us a map

and for some

life can simply become a struggled existence.

Holding on for life

‘Sweating it out’ tough time.

Stuck in the same old place

Year after year after year.

But just suppose there was more to life than that.

Just suppose

you are not alone

although your feelings scream the opposite.

And just suppose there is a direction to go…

a way that will bring you peace

fill your life with purpose

and  ignite your passion.

It’s worth checking out, don’t you think?

Many have gotten lost on this journey

Many flounder

not knowing what to do to change things.

So I’m having a very special coaching event

on Tuesday, February 19 @6:30pm

and we are going to talk about this journey.

Yes, we are going to look at someone that got lost

for ten years

but she took a step in the right direction

and that everything changed.

Floundering transformed into purpose

Emptiness became filled.

Boredom changed to interest and a newfound excitement for life.

You with me?

Coaching is for everyone.

Don’t settle for a life of simply existing.

Contact me to learn more.



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