Shining Moments

Feb 20, 2013

We gathered

my friends and I

in a small room

on an ordinary night.





and I sensed again the wonder…

the wonder of being part of something bigger than me.

Coaching is all about helping people move forward in their lives

giving them the place

the caring relationships

where they can step forward.

teaching skills that will lead to results.

asking questions that motivate, challenge and enlighten.

Shining moments all around.

As the tide regularly comes in

and then goes out

the Spirit moves within us to breathe in

and then give out.

Every day that simple action—

drinking deeply from Him

through the reading of His Word

and prayer

moving in step with Him.

Never fearing or wringing of hands

simply taking His provision one day at a time

knowing that He longs for you to know His Purpose

even more than you want to know it.

Slow down your pace

and listen in the quiet.

His Still Voice calls you to come to Him.

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Get in step with Him today

He will lead you to places you never dreamed

He will guide you on adventures you could never have imagined.

Life your eyes to Jesus and He will set you free.


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