Shining Moments

Mar 4, 2013

Am I prepared, I thought, as my mind mentally reviewed our food supply?

Talk of a possible March snow storm

while depressing for some

is, for me,

fun, beautiful and an unexpected  time to play.

But even that means preparations are needed.

Pull out the old snow cream recipe

gather the milk, sugar and vanilla.

Snow shovel placed at a handy location.

Adjusting my appointments

and homeschooling.

Preparing means order, peace and purpose.

Lack of preparation means chaos, confusion and stress.

Preparing for snow

is a lot like other times in life.

Preparation is the necessary key before the action step

leading to results.

Meaningful family moments oftentimes take preparation.

Financial stability involves preparation.

Growth in physical and spiritual health means taking specific steps

that lead to that goal.

The action of preparedness is crucial to our success.

And then my mind wanders back to the Word, those beloved pages

and what I saw our Savior doing again and again.

He went away to pray. Matthew 14:23

Away from the crowd

and the noise and the need

Away from the demands and the sights and the sounds.

He slipped away and hid under the shadow of the Almighty.

How often do I spin my wheels preparing for this or that

but fail to take that necessary time away to pray?

Pray always I Thess. 5:16

In season and out of season.

My heart beats quickly as I sense the importance of this action.

Preparation involves prayer

Listening to the heart of the Father.

Getting in step with Him.

Eyes cleansed and seeing what He sees.

Ears hearing with His Ears.

Love through me, O Lord, today

and help me to prepare well for the moments that are coming.

Grow within me a heart that is sensitive to Your Heart

and may that begin today.



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