Shining Moments

Mar 5, 2013


Pay attention to those nudgings!

It was a small nudging that led to my calling a woman to speak about adoption.

That call led to my adopting my first daughter

and then my second daughter

changing my whole life.

Pay attention to those nudgings!

A small paperback book about writing grabbed my attention

many years ago.

I bought it

read it

read it again

and finally wrote an article

that was published.

That was the beginning of my career as a published freelance writer.

Pay attention to those nudgings!

I taught four year olds in Sunday School for a few years as a teenager.

Loved it.

Those precious children captivated me

and planted the seeds of becoming a teacher.

I went on to college and graduated with a B.A. in Elementary Education

got a job teaching first graders and went on to teach over twenty years.

Pay attention to those nudgings!

Every time I drove past a small white cape cod house

I noticed it.

Charm was written all over it. I never thought that it would be mine.

But a few years later

that’s exactly what happened and many happy memories were created

while living there.

Pay attention to those nudgings!

They are there for a reason.

Listen to them

and be willing to take the next step.

Buy the book

take the course

make the call

check on the price!

Moses saw the burning bush, heard God’s Voice and it changed his life.

Boaz heard about a woman named Ruth who had recently come toBethlehem.

known for her loyalty to Naomi

her kindness and compassion.

He met her and that led to the unfolding of a beautiful story.

One small step can lead to a big difference in your life.

Yes, pay attention to those nudgings!



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