Shining Moments

May 20, 2012

Have you ever tried to do something and failed?

Have you ever put yourself out there only to discover that it was not enough?



Want the ground to open and swallow you up feeling.

Oh my, it has happened to me.

From the time when I was in second grade and in a play. Nervous me was dressed up as a bunny with only a short line to say. But performing was simply not my thing.

I was shaking as the curtain opened and the light shone on our faces.

Worry and fear.

Hands and knees trembling so hard.

Next thing I heard someone whisper my cue.

Uh, already it was time for me to speak my part.

Red with embarrassment I shyly spoke. Never have I forgotten that feeling of failure.


In the midst of failure God whispers His Love.

In the midst of slammed doors where we bang our heads

     He tenderly soothes the pain.

Failure is never final.

I discovered that I was much better at playing the piano than having a role.

We see ours strengths and accept our weaknesses.

Oh I didn’t pull it off in that play so long ago

   but I learned something very important.

Some things just don’t work out.

Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for trying.

And as we surrender our desires to the One Who knows us best

  We begin to see even clearer who we are

        And Who He is.

Cardinals don’t fret because they are not eagles.

Horses don’t worry because they are not zebras.


   And everyone serves His Purpose.

         The sun, the moon, the stars,

            The farmer, the businessman,

                    The child, the elderly person.

We all are created with His Purpose in mind.

Discover your purpose and therein is great peace.


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