Shining Moments

Mar 14, 2013

Early this morning I arose in the dark

and prepared to walk the dog.

The air was crisp as I stood outside

watching the dawning of another daybreak.

But something was different. Something that hadn’t been there before.


I heard it.

the sound of birds chirping in the darkness.

Yes, it’s the time of the singing of birds.

Glorious Spring!

The time of the birth of dreams.

Do you have a dream?

Is there something that you’d long to do?

A place you’d like to see?

An experience, maybe, that you’ve always to have?

As the birds flit from tree to tree feathering their nests.

my thoughts wander to a dream that I’ve had.

A place I’d like to go with my girls…

An experience I’d like to share


always the practical wars with the dreamer.

You can’t afford that

You can’t do that

It’s not the right time

No, you must stop dreaming.



But to dream is to be alive

To dream is to set your eyes on a star and to follow it.

I don’t know if my dream will become a reality.

I pray so.

That’s where it all must begin.

On my knees

waiting upon the Lord

Who authors dreams day after day.

Humbling committing the dream and the dreamer to Himself.

Then arising and beginning to work

just imagining if it could come true….


Saying no so that the dream could come to life.

Rolling up my sleeves to work.

It’s time to dream, my friends.

The birds are singing and planning and preparing.

Join me, won’t you, in having a dream.

Brush off that longing,

blow the dust off those papers,

Just suppose you could do it

what would you do?




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