Shining Moments

Mar 18, 2013

Attitude changes everything.

It’s not our circumstances

how much money we have

or position

or looks.

No, it all goes back to attitude.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

When my heart is fixed to make the best of every moment in life

all of a sudden I see possibilities;

a wealth of things  I can do.

On the other hand when my attitude slumps

and all I see is work and burdens and problems

my life becomes a grim existence of simply trying to make it.

Life is meant to be

giving and receiving.

Breathing in His Life and Grace

and giving out to meet the needs of others.

Beginning to glimpse that I am blessed

and then sharing that blessing with others.

In flow and out go.

Like the tides of the ocean.

Attitudes change with perspective.

Today is all I have.

This past weekend I knew that it was time to celebrate,

to play.

Man (or woman) was not meant to work all the time.

So we gathered the ingredients

vanilla ice cream

green food color

whipped cream


and made St. Patrick’s Day milkshakes.

What fun we had.

Shining moments all over!

All of a sudden serious expressions changed to smiles.

Heaviness was changed to light.

Those things that seemed so important at the time

took on a lesser importance.

And life became more of what it is meant to be.

Enjoying each moment

Savoring the good times

Valuing togetherness

Living in Love.

Are you discovering life as it is meant to be?

Is each day giving you new opportunities to see Him more clearly

and to realize a little more of your own true purpose?

You are important!

Your life was made for joy!





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