Shining Moments

Mar 27, 2013

It seemed the most ordinary thing to do

but it was not ordinary at all.

No, not in the last ordinary.

A hot cup of tea.

That was it.

You see, life was busy back then many years ago.

I’d come home from high school with piles of homework

that I took so seriously.

Hours of hours of time I’d spend trying to get everything done for the next day.

I missed times with my family.

Looking back I regret not having spent more time just talking

but then I remember those tea times.

I’d walk in the door of our house and she’d already have the kettle on.

The cups would be on the table.


I’d smile inside at my mom’s thoughtfulness.

In just a few minutes I’d hear the sound of the kettle singing.

A glorious sound in the midst of the day.

She’d pour the hot
water into the waiting cups and I’d sit down at the table.

Watching the tea bag in the hot water

letting myself drink in the quiet and peace of home.

Mom would add just a little milk in her tea

and I’d have mine with a small spoon of sugar.

Both of us stirring our tea

as we began to talk.


Shining moments

brighten my day as I remember those special tea times.

Times when I could freely talk knowing that she would understand

or at least try to.

Sharing my joys and frustrations as a teenager

always feeling loved.


I do the same thing.

Get out the mugs

heat the water.

Add the teabag and watch it swirl in the hot water.

Add the sugar…just a little bit of sweetness

Talk and listen to my daughters

Hold the moments

Encourage them

Build into their lives.

Tea times are essential for us.

How about you?

Do you have a time when you gather with your loved ones?

When you freely share the quickly fleeting moments?

It need not be tea but I do hope that you make time to connect

with others.

Intentionally building into their lives.

In a world the seems to be going at jet speed

It’s important to create meaningful moments.

How are you doing it?




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