Shining Moments

Mar 29, 2013

I had no way of seeing it coming.

My day had been full and I had stopped by the church to pick up my youngest.

Just a simple moment in between life’s demands.

As I entered the darkened sanctuary, I groped to find my way.

I looked up as I heard music playing

and saw an angel in beautiful white dancing

and praising the Lord.

The choir sang in the background and as the music swelled in intensity,

my heartbeat quickened

It was my sin

    that nailed You there

It was my cross

    You had to bear

That’s it, my soul responded.

Your precious blood has washed me clean.

No greater Love has this world ever seen.

Tears trickled down my face.

You died for me

  You washed me clean

I am redeemed

Worship the King!

Overwhelming emotions flooded me as the Truth resounded.

Nothing else really matters.

He is the King and He died for everyone.

See the King who died for me

    Risen from the grave

   He’s alive!

Yes, He is alive, I whispered in the darkened room.

He’s alive and that makes all the difference.

Shining moments all over.

Heart overflowing

Soul dancing with pure joy

For a few moments time simply stood still.

I will never forget that moment

when once more I was gripped by a Love that is beyond reason.

So difficult for our limited minds to conceive

but so simple that the smallest child whispers

“Jesus loves me.”

He is alive, my friends,

bringing our search for purpose, passion and peace to a new place.

Life is not terminal after all.

He is risen!

Let the wonder of His death and resurrection flood your life

with millions of shining moments.





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