Shining Moments

Apr 9, 2013

They looked like dead sticks.


dark limbs etched across the ever changing sky.

My eyes would often lift to them

as I walked in and out of my house.

And I would wonder

would Spring ever come?

The cold days of winter seemed to drag on and on.

Nothing seemed to change.

One day after another

and my eyes would look at those bare branches

remembering previous Springs when they would be covered with blossoms.

Purple plum trees. Beautiful in their glory

but all I saw was what looked like

dead sticks.

Life became hard.

Strong winds blew

and I drew my daughters close

and waited.

So much of life is waiting.

He works while we wait.

I held onto that Truth

and I watched those bare limbs.

Suddenly the temperatures rose.

Leaps and bounds.

Windows open, winter clothes thrown off.

Laughter and excitement.


Glorious Spring

and I looked up high at those branches and saw the tiny buds.

Small at first.

Very small but I knew that their was life

where it had appeared to be none.

Days went by

warmer now

and last night I stepped outside and my heart almost burst with excitement.

Blossoms opening in the hushed evening hours.

God’s miraculous Hand transforming

cold, bare winter days into warm, flowering springtime inVirginia.

Spring always comes, I sensed His whisper deep within.

Never will I leave you

Never will I forsake you. Hebrews 13:5

Springtime wraps its arms of hope around you and I whispering

That no matter how long the wait

no matter how deep the pit

our God will prevail.

His mercies are new every day and Spring always comes.

Whatever you are facing in life

hold on to that promise.

We dare not trust what our eyes can see.

No, there is more. He is at work for you and for me. Behind the scenes.

With hearts uplifted in praise to our King

enjoy the signs of His Promises

and the awakening of life all over.


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