Shining Moments

May 3, 2013

Until we learn to say no

our yes doesn’t have much meaning.

Until we are able to say

‘that’s what I have to give’

others will just keep taking

and we will become drained and useless.

Being nice

is fine

but trying to please everyone

only leads to a life of confusion and lack of purpose.

So what do you do?

Begin to set boundaries.

Begin to see what you are responsible for

and what is not within your responsibility.

Start to examine what are your limits

and then communicate them to others.

Know what you have to give.

I’m often reminded in the story of the Good Samaritan –

how after caring for the traveler found beaten along the path

he made arrangements for his further care at an inn.

He knew his limits. He didn’t have to do it all.

Obedience to our Lord involves our listening to His Voice

and following Him.

We must know what He calls us to do

and also what is not our responsibility.

The ocean has limits

and yes, so do I.

Living a life of purpose, peace and passion

calls for us to establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

Do you know how to say no, my friend?

If not, seek the help of a coach

to learn this important skill.

Your life will then begin to flourish.


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