Shining Moments

May 6, 2013

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a mother?

I remember well those first few minutes, days and hours

when I held my own precious bundle of life.

Emotions flooded my soul

as I held her sleeping body.

Clickety clack went the Russian train as it carried us back toMoscow.

Unknowns screamed for my attention

but as I gazed down at her face

so at peace as she slept through the night ride

as I could do was whisper thanks to the One who planned

that I would mother her for life.

This Mother’s Day, I celebrate mothers all over

especially mothers in poverty stricken countries.

Mothers who look longingly,


at their little ones

and struggle with vast unknowns.




protection. Things I have in abundance here.

Day after day is a struggle to survive for these mothers

who hold their young close to their hearts as I do mine.

I can only try to imagine.

My life is so different

but I long to make a difference.

As I mother my two adopted daughters here in the States

life is so different for us.

Challenges still

but resources abound.

God knows how my heart reaches out during long nights when sleep is far

and my prayers go around the world. Praying for them.

Mothers and children.

Needs are so great.

How can we who have so much

do less than give our very best.

My life could have so easily been one of continued survival for the simple necessities

but instead He chose to use my heart to shine a light on the need

and to  urge those who read these words to reach out to  these mothers

in any way possible. To give myself in anyway I can.

To go if I could…yes, to go and work side by side.

At the heart of motherhood is a deep, powerful love for your child.

A love that strengthens in the toughest of times

that digs its heels in saying

no matter what

your life, my precious child, is more important than mine

I will take care of you,

protect you,

shelter you,

teach you to survive.

I do the same for mine and so do all those mothers in poverty stricken places.

What can you and I do to celebrate and support these mothers?

Check out the Child Survival Program of Compassion.

It helps saves the lives of babies and mothers in poverty by utilizing

local churches to assist them.

Mothers can give their children a chance.

Mothers whose hearts beat for their children as deeply as my heart beats for mine.

God uses everything to serve His Purpose.

For many years

as I waited and longed to become a mother

Mother’s Day was a difficult day

Today I long for it to be a day

when I not only celebrate God’s goodness to me

but also use it to focus on the needs of mothers in poverty.

Let’s help them.

Let’s do what we can to ease the suffering.

Thank you Compassion for this program that touches the heart of all mothers.








  1. Terri

    I have seen first hand how Compassion’s child survival program works, thank you for speaking up for mother’s, Great post!

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Terri. It’s such an important program. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kirsty Sarris

    I love your story and your heart for your children!


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