Shining Moments

May 10, 2013

“I hate Mother’s Day” she sobbed.

I listened longing to wrap my arms around her.

“It’s the same thing every year.

Every where I look I see cards

and advertisements and reminders of this kind of mother I’m supposed to be.

Even the preacher of our church…

preaches on Proverbs 31

every year.” Her hands squeezed the tissue she held into pieces.

“I feel so inadequate.

like such a huge failure.”

I’ll never forget this conversation. I was in my twenties and she was a young mother of 3.

And although I longed to be a mother and could not possibly know her pain,

I felt this distraught woman’s heart.

Surrounded by young children day after day

her husband working long hours…

She needed a friend

She needed a break.

Today, many years later, I can honestly say

that being a mother is the most demanding,

most challenging

and sometimes hardest of all the things that I have ever done.

My daughters are my heart.

I think about them all the time.

I cheer with their successes

I weep with them when they experience pain.

It’s 24 hour, day after day commitment.

And you just about think that you have navigated one challenge

when another will raise its face.

It’s absolutely humbling causing me to bow again and again with my face to the floor

desperately seeking His wisdom, strength and peace. I need Him.

But it’s also the most rewarding, the most exhilarating,

the highest of privileges I’ve ever had.

To hold your tiny baby

and realize that you,

you are the one to pour into her life,

and help her to become all that God wants her to be.

To be His Hands,

His Heart,

His Mind

teaching His Will and His Way

during the ever so fleeting moments that your child is with you.

Motherhood will cause you to see your own inadequacies like nothing else.


we are not meant to be perfect.

We will become weary at times.

We will need support and advice.

We will need some breaks.

A mother captures those special moments and treasures them in her heart.

Let go of the failures

hold onto the wins.

Let go of the less than perfect and celebrate each glorious moment


before we know it

this season will have passed and will be only a memory.

Of all the things I do these days

I love coaching moms

building within them a sense of confidence and strength.

Yes, I’m walking slowly through this season of motherhood

savoring the good times

and treasuring the joy and thanking my Lord for it all.

Focusing on the wins and learning – always learning.

How about you?

If you ever want to talk with a Mom Coach just send me an email.

You were not meant to go through it alone.




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