Shining Moments

May 17, 2013

Everything seems to work against it.

The speed of life

the noise

the intense pressures that most people feel

but I honestly believe that meditating on God’s Word changes lives.

For years I’ve read these words

“but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in this law he meditates day and night.”

Psalms 1:2

but I tended to simply read God’s Word

frequently memorized it

cherished it

but no,

I did not really meditate on it.

Life was busy

the noise around me loud

and the pressures great.

But over the past few months I’m discovering the importance

of meditating and I’ve noticed the difference.

Just taking a few words

or phrase from the Living Word

and mediating on it.

Meditating – chewing on it, focused thinking

George Mueller discovered the secret

and his life radiated with God’s power.

Yes, Hudson Taylor practiced it along with many others.

Could I?

Could you?

So I began to slow down my Bible reading,

and hold onto a verse or even a part of a verse.

Then I frequently go outside to walk or jog

and it’s during these times outside that I chew on the words

and prayerfully ponder it’s meaning.

At other times I think about the words late at night while I pray.

Slowly going over them

and letting them sink deep within me as I pray and ask the Lord to teach me.

Time after time I’ve been able to call upon these words at a moment of need.

Again and again I’ve experienced the sweetness of His Truth

and the strengthening within my spirit.

Meditating –

Have you tried it?

Day and night our souls need Him.

Hungry for His strengthening within.

thirsty for His Presence.

Shining moments all around

as we discover to live the life He planned for us from the beginning.

Let yourself be drawn ever closer to His Heart, my friends.

He will flood your soul with joy and fill you with abundance.

Like a seed falling deep within the soil

may His Words sink deep within your heart today

nourishing you with Truth.

Are you ready?

Will you join me?





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