Shining Moments

May 22, 2013

The images press into my thoughts again and again

as I move through my day’s normal activities.

Precious children. Fear-filled eyes. Wounded bodies….

Weeping parents…

Weary teachers in shock.

A relieved woman holding her dog

and on and on and on.

It happened so suddenly but the memory will be difficult to remove.

How suddenly our whole world can be turned upside down.

One moment we have

and the next we’ve lost everything.

My heart looks to the Only One Who can heal the broken hearted

and my prayers rise upward throughout my waking hours.

Please comfort

and encourage…

and give hope where there seems to be no hope, Lord.

Prayers that I know make a difference.

Ask and you shall receive

Seek and you shall find

Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

So I ask and seek and pray

longing to do more. To give myself.

Yes, to go there.

An opportunity arises leaving me wondering if maybe this is His Way.

Could I possibly lend a hand?

My little teaspoon of help amidst the huge ocean of needs.

Seems much too small, doesn’t it? I wonder.

What difference would it really make?

So my thoughts wrestle back and forth as I weigh the possibility.

Finding myself almost longing for that handwriting in the sky.

Waiting to somehow know

while resting in the comfort that He will show me.

It’s so different to be the hands

to be the heart that listens and gives hope.

Yes, it would really be the harder path to put myself there.

Gazing out upon the vast destruction

Seeing the broken lives.

But I ask myself again and again,

How can I really do less?

He came to die so that we might live.

He gave His all so that we might know life.

Because I have been given much

I too must give.

Give till there’s nothing more to give.


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