Shining Moments

May 24, 2013

Simple trust

Simple prayers.

From as far back as I can remember I longed to hold my own little baby in my arms.

I loved playing with my dolls imagining that marvelous day when I would rock

my own sweet smelling infant.

Nothing, absolutely nothing seemed to compare to that anticipated joy.

I prayed believing that one day, oh one day

the gift would be mine

But the years came and went

and that dream remained unanswered.

Waiting can be so difficult, can’t it?

One birthday after another

still trusting

still praying

but that longing stayed strong within my heart.

Then one day as I prayed

I sensed a difference.

There was peace and quiet within.

My spirit knew the difference. For whatever reason I didn’t need to pray

for that any longer. I jotted that date in the margin of my Bible.


Suddenly my life took a different turn

and  I clung on for dear life.

Shattered dreams. Broken pieces all around.

As I slowly began to pick myself up I heard that faint familiar song in the distance.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me

for the Bible tells me so.

Not based on feelings or waves of emotion.

The simple truth.  John 3:16 truth.

For God so loved ________

I knew that my name was included there unworthy as I am.

So I wrapped my heart around His promise and embraced His Faithfulness and Grace.

Within months I walked into that stark orphanage inRussia

and met

and held my beautiful daughter for the first time.

Glory moments all around.

Softly singing to her Jesus loves me as I rocked her in my arms.

Big chocolate eyes looking up at me as if to try to figure out if I could be trusted.

Six months old of sweetness and life.

God’s precious gift.

Simple trust

Simple prayers.

Never could I have been happier.

Floods of joy as I checked that penciled date in my Bible

with the date of her birth.

Answered prayer. Nine months. Waves of wonder.

Today as I look at her

so full of life and loveliness

my heart remembers His gift and how He prepared me for her.

Emptied of myself

and my own ways

but relying totally on Him.

Grateful for each precious moment of her life

and always knowing that she is His.

Twenty years old and full of sunshine and beauty

with her heart opened to His Will and Ways.

Our lives woven together for a purpose much bigger than we can see.

In His Time

In His time

He makes all things beautiful in His times.

Always and always and always.




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