Shining Moments

Jun 3, 2013

If all the prayers I’ve ever prayed were written down in books

my home would not be big enough for all of them.

Prayer after prayer.

I remember the agonizing prayer I prayed as a four year old

down on my knees, tear stained face

asking God to please make my Mommy well.

She had been stricken with polio and for months our family

lived with many unknowns. Many fears.

God graciously heard those prayers and she came home.

Always weaker yes but she went on to live life fully for many more years.

The memory of those glorious days of answered prayer

thrills me today.

Thank you, God.

And then the time my older brother was kicked in the head by a horse.

Terror filled me as I prayed at home.

Long hours of waiting. Stomach sickening moments.

But God graciously heard those prayers and I’ll never forget the day he came home.

Shining moments all around.

Family rejoicing. Songs of praises.

And then the many, many  times I huddled in the basement of our home

in Kansas City Missouri.

Clutching my Bible,

my Tiny Tears doll

and my small jar of money.

Fear filling my thoughts as I heard the loud sirens and howling winds.

But again and again

the storm passed over and He kept us safe.

Prayers before tests in school.

Prayers for help in making friends.

Sudden “Help!” prayers when there are no other words.

God heard everyone and rescued me.

Like a mother who is carefully tending her infant

He draws near when we pray

Presence enveloping us in strong arms of protection and peace.

But many of my prayers were not answered in the way I had hoped.

I’ll never forget praying with my older brother

I was about nine and he eleven.

asking the Lord to please heal my Grandpa who had lung cancer.

But he died. Black day that was too.

Yes, we prayed and believed and trusted God’s power to heal

but he died.

Struggles of faith

Stretching to understand a loving God Who says no.

Heart broken times of confusion and heart ripping pain.

Learning to trust the Heart of our Father Who knows so much better than we

what is best.

Beginning to realize that it’s all about Him

And that His Will and Ways are higher

oh much higher than mine.

But we can trust Him

to care for us, to be there with us as we journey through life.

Yes, my prayers continue as I pour out to Him my heart.

Shining moments of trust and peace.

Listening to His Heart

Resting in His Will. Abiding in His loving Arms.

As the tide comes in and the tide goes out

washing the beach of all kinds of debris.

I ask Him to clean my heart again and to teach me all that prayer is meant to be.

Prayer changes everything. Yes, everything.

Have you found it to be so?



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